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Simon Naouri x Non Sans Raison

There are absolute works of art, the vases have told history of a period on their sides since the antiquity and in all civilizations. With the series of EVOLUTION vases, Simon Naouri speaks to us about the digital revolution which is happening nowadays.

Each vase has two parts shaped separately to create twoeffects of material and then they are gathered. These effects, the smooth white of the enamel for the neck and the biscuit for the escarpment, give to these vases an extra dimension when the light is reflected on them. Stemming from a digital milling, the details on its escarpment, surprising by their contemporary and minimalist shapes, are repeated in a geometrical and irregular way creating a most atypical relief. The EVOLUTION vases with their various sizes and their uncluttered shapes, look beautiful arranged side by side.

Limoges porcelain – extra white kaolin
White bright enamel for the neck and biscuit for the escarpment


Height : 8,5 ‘’
Length : 10,2 ‘’
Width : 3,9 ‘’

Bibliography : Avant, Ici, Maintenant - The Non Sans Raison experience, Les Ardents Editeurs, 2015, Exhibition catalogue, National Museum Adrien Dubouché, Limoges, 20 June - 19 October 2015

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