NOU DESIGN promotes design Made in France.
Our desire to support local production is also linked to growing global awareness : manufacturing products on-site not only retains control of the entire process and offers a guarantee of quality, but it is also an eco-responsible choice. According to NOU DESIGN, it’s a way to support French craftmanship and the local economy as well as reducing the carbon footprint by using short distribution circuits.

NOU DESIGN is committed to eco-responsible packaging in our shipping boxes, in order to reduce packaging wast : we recover and re-use all the cushioning that we receive from our suppliers.

This cushioning is carefully selected (only bad cushion is thrown away), and stored by material type, waiting for shipping re-use. NOU DESIGN is proud to use, except in case of absolute urgency, only recovery cushioning throughout the year.

Besides reducing the shipping costs for the customer, NOU DESIGN ensures a second life to these materials. Perhaps our customers will have the opportunity to assure them a third life !