Vase TOTEM UBLÖ 5 Chocolate - Unique piece

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Looking for the right form, brushing away the superfluous, Séverine Digonnet likes to move away just to get back and keep only the essentials. Sometimes she just lets it go and emotions arise. Each vase of the TOTEM collection is a unique piece, handmade one by one, each one different of another one, in her workshop. Out of sight, Séverine Digonnet mixes traditional ceramic techniques with the most current ones to create her own universe.

In a hyper-schematic synthesis, Séverine Digonnet isolates primitive geometric shapes and recurring common codes : cylinders, half spheres, handles, holes, curves... Basic elements that she decides to deflect from their traditional use in order to build a vase TOTEM that no longer looks like functional vase but like sculpture.

Clearly set in a spare and minimalist style, sometimes architectural, each vase TOTEM becomes a singular entity between futuristic structures inspired by the past, contemporary totems or even imaginary figures.

Stoneware, enamelled with chocolate matt engobe, transparent enamel inside
Like every handmade object, each vase may have slight imperfections : those are the mark of the handcraft character.

Unique piece
Signed, accompanied by its certificate of authenticity

Height : 11,8 ’’
Length : 5,7 ’’
Width : 5,7 ’’

NOU Design
Le Village Suisse Paris