Red vase METEORITE 1 - Unique piece

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Audrey Jezic Céramiques

Audrey Jezic likes to work porcelain for its purity, whiteness, sensuality and elegance. Some of her pieces remain totally naked, unglazed, to reinforce this raw aspect of the porcelain she loves so much. On others, she applies intense enamels (cobalt blue, yellow, red, green and black) whose brightness contrasts with the whiteness of porcelain.

All  porcelain vases are turned by hand. Audrey Jezic then reworks them by cutting them, assembling them, adding other elements to give them more life, more character and poetry.

This METEORITE vase brings together the softness of porcelain with the intensity of red enamel. The speckled enamel brings to each vase a unique character.

Porcelain (biscuit), red enamel

Unique piece

Height : 7,3’’
Length : 3,9’’
Width : 4,7’’

NOU Design
Le Village Suisse Paris