Vase INPLI terracotta

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Atelier Polyhèdre

The INPLI vase reflects the artists’ strong interest in both traditional Japanese basketwork and the proto-corinthian ceramics of ancient Greece. While these two references may seem a world apart, they come together to bring new shapes to life.

Like the otoshi, a bamboo vase encased in delicate basketry, the INPLI vase is made up of two parts : a cylindrical body and its wrapping. The parts are held together by a generously proportioned ring, modelled on the neck of a Greek aryballos. That tribute is amplified by the use of terracotta, Atelier Polyhedre’s signature material.

Red earthenware : natural terracotta with some slight marbling effects   
Transparent enamel inside


Height : 15,7 ’’
Length : 7,1 ’’
Width : 6,3 ’’

NOU Design
Le Village Suisse Paris