Vase TITAN noir et blanc

TITAN black and white vase

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Design vase, art object

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Olivier Gagnère

A wonderful play of geometric forms ! The TITAN vase has a striking appearance with his white glazed body and deep black interior. Surrounded by a row of delicate crenellations, this vase is part of Gagnère’s iconic pieces, just like MARLY vase, MINE vase and CHAMPS DE MARS vase.

Olivier Gagnère drew, framed, broke down and rebuilt, with clear geometries, spheres, cylinders, cubes, cones, a whole musical ensemble of simple volumes. He follows his fantasy and plays with scaffoldings marked by unstable, inverted, reversed forms. The whole is marked with a light grace, the virtuosity of a tightrope artist…

Enameled ceramic, bright white and black


Height : 16,5’’
Diameter : 10,2’’

Bibliography : Olivier Gagnère, by Michèle Champenois, NORMA Editions, 2015, reproduced on page 223

NOU Design
Le Village Suisse Paris