Vase blanc TESTA
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Exceptional vase, French designer object

Home décor


Inspired by the heritage of Sicilian potters who depicted the heads of the Roman Gods, the TESTA vase is designed with Pucci De Rossi's trademark geometric precision. With its refined hexagonal forms and fragmented volumes, this hybrid object is halfway between a vase and a hat stand but if you turn it upside down it becomes a conventional vase. The light catches on all of its rounded outline's facets giving a new valorising interpretation of the flower vase.

Limoges porcelain

Unglazed on the outside and glazed on the inside


Height : 12,6"

Width : 7,1"

Bibliography :

Pucci de Rossi, by Jean-Louis Gaillemin

NORMA Editions, 2017

Reproduced on page 343