BAUHAUS table lamp

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BAUHAUS lamp, by designer Jonathan Dumoulin, is a wink to the famous artistic current that will lay the foundations of reflection on modern architecture, plastic arts, photography and will be precursor of contemporary design.

Unusual in its design, the BAUHAUS lamp-sculpture invites us into a magical universe, where bulbs are levitating in space only held by some wires ...

The stripped form of the BAUHAUS lamp wooden structure, is dogged to hide a transformer and allow the circulation of a whole system of springs and wires.

The enamelled copper wire is stretched between the two faces and the bulbs come to rest between the wires to light up without being screwed to a socket. These very low voltage (12 volt) bulbs are safe for people.

Off-white-patinated marine plywood

Copper wire, including 4 electric bulbs


Signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

Unique piece


Height : 53 cm

Lenght : 38 cm

Width : 33 cm