Pack de 7 assiettes à dessert A TABLE !

Pack of 7 dessert plates A TABLE !

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Brand : Non Sans Raison Kids

A TABLE ! is a new Limoges porcelain tableware for children. As dinner time can be a bit too active for our little impatient ones, Elisa Leveneur designs 7 fun dessert plates, with illustrations that work as games, one for every day of the week. Your children will happily wait patiently. Thanks to these 7 different games.  Thanks to Elisa Leveneur, our children can play discreetly before their food arrives or while waiting for others to finish their meals. What else ? A nice gift idea !

The pack A TABLE ! includes :

1 Dessert plate « Spot the 7 differences »

1 Dessert plate « Where’s Leo »

1 Dessert plate « The rebus »

1 Dessert plate « The illustrated alphabet »

1 Dessert plate « Find the way »

1 Dessert plate « Join the dots in order »

1 Dessert plate « The twin fishes »


Limoges porcelain – extra white kaolin

Silk screen printing in two colours : blue and yellow

Resistant for daily use : dishwasher, oven and microwave 

Diameter : 21 cm