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Wall plates

The BARILLET dinner set by Etienne Bardelli renovates the traditional plate-hanger by diverting its decorative function. Indeed, thanks to a magnetic disk hung in the center of the back of the plate and a magnet on the wall, each piece of the dresser is available at hand.

This wall plates should be considered as a work of art : given its important decor in fine gold, it is not recommended to use it for a meal. The designer Etienne Bardelli designed it as a collector’s piece whose purpose is to adorn a wall in a spectacular way.

For 7 people, a magnetic 21-piece set of tableware, including :
7 dinner plates (10,6’’)
7 dessert plates (8,7’’)
7 bread plates (6,3’’)
21 magnets and 21 magnet covers
Installation and use guide with a scale poster

Limoges porcelain – extra white kaolin
Silk screen printing in gold

Limited edition of 5
Marked and numbered 3/5

Diameter : 49,2’’

NOU Design
Le Village Suisse Paris